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Surgical Instruments | Sterling Medical Products

Sterling Medical Products is a family owned small American business providing quality surgical instruments that exceed our customers quality requirements for over 20 years. Our company sells 450 different sterile disposable trays, kits and Surgical Instrumentsinstruments through several distributors in the medical industry. We also sell bulk, non sterile instruments, provide private labeling, packaging services and sterilize unusual items required for use in the OR.

All members of the company take pride in the work they do and treat each product as though it will be used on their own family.

Disposable Custom Procedure Trays save time, labor, storage efficiencies and cross contamination.  Prepackaged kits and trays contain surplus items to suit a general procedure, but custom kits are developed to a specific procedure, thus avoiding waste. We don’t tell our customers what we put in a tray - they tell us what they want.

We believe in conducting our business with honesty, integrity and a commitment to quality control.  Our Quality surgical instrumentsSystem incorporates the ANSI/AAMI/ISO standards and Good Manufacturing Practices.

We'll work with your clinicians, materials management and purchasing departments to help develop a quality affordable product that you can rely on. You may call, e-mail or fax us with requests for samples, quotes, more information about any of our current products, or questions about how we can develop a product specifically for you.