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We work diligently to minimize cost, implement process improvements and develop solutions that work for your budget.  We justify our value by generating  a cost benefit analysis that clearly illustrates the savings to our customers.

Products and Services

Taking your business to the next level
Doctor's Office

As a leading supplier of custom procedure trays, sterile separates and surgical packs, Sterling offers a comprehensive line of standard and custom solutions for any surgical procedure.  Our products and services are designed to be cost effective, reduce clinicians time, eliminate waste and manage space constraints.  Achieving these critical requirements helps to ensure that patients receive efficient quality of care.

Custom Procedure

Trays & Surgical Packs
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Understanding the ever changing regulatory requirements imposed by the FDA, ISO and our customers, allow us to mitigate potential risks by having testing, data and documentation prepared well in advance of any real concerns, offering peace of mind to the clinicians and patients we aim to protect.

Testing, Validation & Regulatory Services

Doctor's Office

Sterling Medical offers GMP compliant facilities coupled with a team of highly specialized packaging and manufacturing experts.  In the spirit of partnership, our engineering, operations and quality professionals work closely with you to understand your specific challenges and collaboratively construct unique solutions to bring your medical devices to market on time and within budget.

Medical Device Assembly & Packaging

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As your medical device partner of procedure trays, surgical packs and sterile separates, we understand that storage conditions may be limited and offer stocking agreements for storage and distribution services that work for your organization.  We also offer emergency drop shipments that ensure product is available for those emergencies no one could have predicted.

Storage & Distribution Services


About Us

Our experts are the finest

Sterling Medical's core expertise is in Contract Packaging of Sterling branded and Private Labeled Medical Devices and Custom Sterile Surgical Packs and Procedure Trays.  With over 100 years of combined experience, we understand the importance of collaborating with our customers to deliver safe, efficacious and high quality products to the medical industry.  In addition to our top notch customer service, we understand the unrelenting cost pressures on the healthcare industry and have made it our mission to run operations efficiently and cost effectively. 


United with our customers, we are collectively focused on improving the lives of patients.


Sterling Medical is a minority owned business that has been providing quality surgical products for over 36 years.  During this time, we have always strived to exceed the expectations of our customers.  Today we sell over 500 different sterile disposable trays, kits and instruments however as a custom kit manufacturer, the options are endless.


Disposable Custom Procedure Trays save time, labor, storage space and limits cross contamination and the spread of infection.


We conduct our business with the highest level of honesty, integrity and a commitment to quality control.  We closely comply with all ISO standards and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).


We will work closely with your clinicians, materials management and purchasing departments to help develop a high quality, affordable  product that you can trust and rely on.  We can be reached by phone, email or fax to obtain samples, quotes or information about any of our stock products or how we can develop a product

specifically for you.

The Sterling Advantage

The Sterling Advantage

Sterling Medical Products quality system closely adheres to GMP and GDP practices.  All processes and procedures are based on AAMI/ANSI/ASTM standards for testing, measurement and sterilization practices and principles.  Sterilization processing is performed under validation with an FDA registered and ISO compliant company.  Our employees have a true sense of pride in our company, products manufactured and the patients we serve.

Quality Assurance

Customer Service

Sterling’s Sales Representatives develop strategic alliances with large/small distributors and direct relationships with medical device companies, hospitals, clinics, surgery centers and VA hospitals to develop products that meet their needs and the needs of the end user.  As a small business, we offer personalized service, attention to details and follow-through to our distribution partners and direct customers.  We strongly believe that customer service determines the future of a company and forms the basis for how they are perceived in the industry.

Customer Service

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Sterling Medical is registered with the FDA as a manufacturer under FDA Registration #1422598.  We are a minority owned, small business located in the heartland of Illinois.


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Sterling Medical Products offers over 300 Sterling branded surgical packs and procedure trays and over 500 Private labeled surgical packs and procedure trays to our diverse portfolio of customers.  All products are packaged, UDI labeled and sterilized within the United States and shipped direct to hospitals, clinics and distribution centers throughout the US.



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